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The economic encyclopedia of regions of Russia

Welcome to the site of Research and Production Association (NPO) Economy.

Currently NPO Economy is a management company, offering a wide range of project management and market research services in diverse areas of activity. The company also has a number of its own projects.

NPO Economy started in 1921 as a small publishing house, which later became one of the largest in the USSR, and has now been in business for 89 years. We took the name NPO Economy during the perestroika period and now together with the Economy Publishing House we publish scientific, educational and informational literature on marketing, management, finance and credit and business analysis of enterprises.

We collaborate with the Russian Club of Economists, an association of outstanding scientists, members of the Russian Academy of Science, economists and representatives of business circles. The main aim of the club is developing and strengthening the Russian economy, as well as contributing to the promotion of research-based educational and economic projects.

One of our NPO partners is the National Scientific Fund, established to develop the scientific and professional potential of Russias research and development companies, improving the professional development of those specialists working in those fields, as well as providing financial assistance to large publishing projects.

As a research and production association we work closely with representatives from scientific and business circles in Russia, and for many years we have worked with Russian academics, leading scientists, heads of ministries and departments, and top industrial groups and corporations.

Our strong professional collective is full of innovative plans and projects, which you can find out about on our site.

We are always glad to meet you.


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