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The economic encyclopedia of regions of Russia

The economic encyclopedia of regions of Russia

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Economic Encyclopaedia of Russian Regions


This NPO Economy project is a massive undertaking to produce an in depth reference guide of each Russian region comprising 94 volumes: 88 on Federation subjects, five on Russia in general, and one reference book. The actual project consists of an evaluation of the core technological-research and economics, including the geo-economic potential of each region, the competitiveness of its business systems, as well as the systemization of information of its environmental, historical, cultural, natural resources, socio-economical, demographic, political and other aspects.


The main aim of this all-Russia project is developing a complete picture of the background, conditions and main trends in the socio-economic, the socio-political and research and technological development of the Russian Federation, particularly at this crucial time in its history. Another primary aim is developing a set of guidelines regarding the most appropriate structure, course and method for recovery, which will guarantee stable economic growth for the country and its 88 Federal subjects, while taking into account their specific features separately. Unique data has been collated in this encyclopaedia which will be invaluable to prospective investors, providing them with effective and reliable information on the economic, social and political factors, allowing them to take decisions that are well-considered and substantiated.


The publication will also appeal to readers interested in history.


In reflecting the true situation in RussiaТs Regions, the publication can provide information on the optimal investment capacity, evidence of the market size, the investment environment and important factors for profit making opportunities etc. More importantly, those regional economic factors most attractive to prospective investors, both Russian and foreign, will be studied and analysed in more detail and from all aspects by the project authors.


Electronic Publications

One of the ways of offering educational material is electronic publications, whose content is identical to the printed version. The customer can receive the publication electronically from the publisher after making an online order.


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