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The economic encyclopedia of regions of Russia

Scientifically-editorial board

The editorial board was established in 1997 with Editor-in-Chief Felix Shamkhalov Ph. D as its chairman. Russias leading economists, businessmen, ministers and regional officials currently sit on the board.

Among its functions at the Economy publishing house, the editorial board determines priority trends for research in economic publications, selectively supports young researchers and experts to publish their scientific efforts. And represents the interests of publishers in the Russian research world, and develops mid- and long-term policies for publishing economics publications taking into account scientific priorities, as well as reviewing manuscripts.

The editorial board carries out work in such fields as economic theory, regional and geographic economics, economic-mathematics modeling, management, marketing, business economics, global economics, industrial production management, the economy of industrial sectors and others.

1. Felix Imiraslanovich Shamkhalov, Board Chairman 
2. Leonid Ivanovich Abalkin
3. Abel Gezevich Aganbegyan
4. Vladimir Dmitriyevich Andrianov
5. Lyudmila Alexandrovna Anosova
6. Nikolai Ivanovich Arister
7. Vladimir Semyonovich Balabanov
8. Grigory Artyomovich Balykhin
9. Oleg Timofeyevich Bogomolov
10. Andrei Yevgenyevich Busygin
11. Sergei Petrovich Vasilenko
12. Kamaludin Serazhudinovich Gadzhiyev
13. Alexander Georgiyevich Gladyshev
14. Sergei Yuryevich Glazyev
15. Alexander Grigoryevich Granberg
16. Ruslan Semyonovich Grinberg
17. Sergei Ivanovich Dolgov
18. Alexander Alexandrovich Dynkin
19. Alexander Dmitriyevich Zhukov
20. Viktor Viktorovich Ivanter
21. Oleg Vasilyevich Inshakov
22. Sergei Vyacheslavovich Kalashnikov
23. Vasily Petrovich Kolesov
24. Boris Nikolayevich Kuzyk
25. Sergei Petrovich Kukura
26. Valery Vladimirovich Kuleshov
27. Vladimir Ivanovich Lisov
28. Georgy Ivanovich Mazin
29. Valery Leonidovich Makarov
30. Vladlen Arkadyevich Martynov
31. Vladimir Alexandrovich Mau
32. Alexei Yuryevich Melentyev
33. Konstantin Ivanovich Mikulsky
34. Pavel Alexandrovich Minakir
35. Alexander Dmitriyevich Nekipelov
36. Rashid Gumarovich Nurgaliyev
37. Vladimir Valentinovich Okrepilov
38. Nikolai Platonovich Patrushev
39. Nikolai Yakovlevich Petrakov
40. Viktor Meyerovich Polterovich
41. Anatoly Georgiyevich Porshnev
42. Yevgeny Mikhailovich Primakov
43. Oleg Dmitriyevich Protsenko
44. Anatoly Nikolayevich Romanov
45. Yury Viktorovich Roslyak
46. Viktor Yevgenyevich Savchenko
47. Nodari Alexandrovich Simoniya
48. Stepan Aramaisovich Sitaryan
49. Alexander Ivanovich Tatarkin
50. Anatoly Vasilyevich Torkunov
51. Gleb Gennadyevich Fetisov
52. Valery Petrovich Chichkanov
53. Nikolai Petrovich Shmelyov
54. Alexei Appolinaryevich Shulus
55. Mikhail Abdurakhmanovich Eskindarov
56. Zeidulla Kadimaliyevich Yuzbekov
57. Veniamin Fyodorovich Yakovlev


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