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The economic encyclopedia of regions of Russia

Business activites

The Closed Joint-Stock Company Research and Production Association Economy operates in the following areas of business:


  • Provides consulting services;
  • Economic and feasibility studies for projects;
  • Investment management, provision of funds and loans for projects;
  • Strategic planning; transaction support, contract management, project management;
  • Development of business plans, financial planning, budgeting;
  • Management of the buying and selling process of real estate and various commercial property;
  • Development management;
  • Conducting market research;
  • Legal consultation;
  • Property maintenance and servicing;
  • Property and business assessment and valuation;
  • Developing feasibility studies;
  • Management of project planning and property construction;
  • Operation and management of individual real estate projects;
  • Commercial and non-residential property rental;
  • Publishing of books, magazines and other publications on social, humanitarian and technical sciences, economic and legal issues, publishing literature, magazines, newspapers, brochures and illustrated works;
  • Publishing works in all spheres of economics, including by classical authors and Nobel Prize award winners for economics;
  • International economic activities, including collaborative projects with foreign partners in publishing joint editions;
  • Information support, software development and installation;
  • Training for high-level scientific and academics;
  • Professional development and retraining for publishing personnel;
  • Charitable activities;
  • Research and development in the social and humanitarian sciences;
  • Creation and management of data bases and information resources;
  • Acting as agents in the wholesale trade of books, newspapers and magazines;
  • Providing social services.


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